Southern Lights by Flight

$2,295 / per person

Take off onboard an Air New Zealand Dreamliner, you will head south over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica, aiming for latitudes of up to 70 degrees south where the Auroral band is present. We will take you far away from light pollution, high above the clouds and weather systems to see a magical and unforgettable display with incredible views of the southern lights. Along the way you will see constellations, stars, and planets as you have never witnessed them before.

Throughout the flights you will receive a full inflight catering service in both business and economy classes. Expert astronomers will provide information on route about how an aurora is created, as well as pointing out their favourite night sky objects. They will give you tips on how to photograph an Aurora and we will have a photographer onboard to assist you with your cameras

These dates are subject to final airline confirmation.Please see Ts & Cs.The timing of these Aurora flights are nocoincidence! They coincide with the spring andautumn equinoxes which helps to maximise thechance the Aurora will be bright. Thanks to aphenomenon called the Russell McPherron effect,Auroras are known to be more frequent and brighterthan usual in spring and autumn. Close to theequinoxes in March and September, the alignmentof the interplanetary magnetic field and Earth’smagnetic field is such that the two opposing fieldscan cancel each other out. This creates holes inEarth’s magnetosphere through which particlesfrom the solar wind can flow, giving rise to auroraswhen they interact with the atmosphere.Another factor that needs to be consideredwhenplanning a flight to the southern auroral oval isthe phase of the moon. Because bright moonlightwould interfere with auroral visibility, we always timethe flights close to new moon when the sky is dark.


11 September 2021

12 September 2021

26 March 2022

27 March 2022

24 September 2022

25 September 2022

Departs from Christchurch at 7pm

TOUR INCLUSIONSChoose your seating options from BusinessPremier Plus, Business Premier, PremiumEconomy, SkyCouch, Economy No Wing,Economy Wing and Economy Limited View.All seating classes will experience and anunforgettable round-trip including:• Two full-service Air New Zealand mealsplus in-flight snacks.• Celebrate your adventure with bubbly,wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks as youenjoy a full bar service onboard.• Choose your viewing on the state-of-the-art entertainment system when outside ofthe Aurora Zone.• Learn about the Aurora, how it is formedand how best to capture it on your cameraswith an expert team of Astronomers &Photographers onboard.• Mission to Aurora Australis Pre Flight Pro-gramme hosted at the International Antarctic Centre 

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